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Project Gaia: Will it ever end?

Seriously I'm beginning to ask myself, if we'll ever finish these first thousand years. The worst about this is that I might be the one to blame for us being stuck in this time period.

© Krakenslayer107

Of humans and nonhumans

We want to have a great variety of lifeforms living in our world of Lygea. Besides our "humans" (Nerivans, Forasians, Dragnarians, etc.) there is a great bunch of "nonhuman" creatures (animals, plants, monsters, etc.) as well. These two groups were further divided into two subgroups, by a certain event of creation I won't go into right now.
Basically there is a limited number of very old, immortal members of the Invis (our "humans") and the Anomi (our "nonhumans"), as well as the mortal descendents of these ancients. The ancients were responsible for populating the whole world.

The beginning of a bestiary

The Invis overpowering the Anomi is one of the major topics of first millenium history. A lot of ancient Anomi are killed as a result. As I was writing the details of the forasian history, things started to get chaotic. I started inventing ancients of both kinds left and right, until I asked myself, which of these do exists, anyway.
So Abe and I started brainstorming again about what kinds of animals, plants, demons, monsters, or mythical creatures we want to have in our world. We've categorized them, and derived of which ancients those could descend. Additionally we defined how much ancient Invis there should be, and by which model they are named.

© Abe

Still the first millenium!?

Work on the ancients-list almost took the entirety of the last days, but we're almost done. After that we'll continue with the people-specific histories, and THEN we'll finally switch to the second millenium. On the one hand I'm very happy with how detailed our world has become, on the other hand I'd really like to get on with it. Mixed feelings, mixed feelings everywhere...

Oh Canada!

There probably won't be another Plurt for the next two weeks. My wife and I will travel to Canada, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island to be exact. We're both really looking forward to this trip! So see you again, when we're back here in Germany! Bye!

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