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Credit where credit is due

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The Box Theory:
Me – story, visuals, sound effects
Bastian Kieslinger – music, sound effects
Polartrance(+Joska) – music
James Duffield – Voice of Marcus
Eric Wheeldon – Voices of Neil, Joshua and Lando
Giancarlo Danubio – Voices of Theo and The Batministrator
Corinne Sudberg – Voice of Sonya
Brett Hayes – Narrator voice

– Space Mono by Colophon
– Vcr OSD Mono by Riciery Leal
– Gradius by Genshichi Yasui

Special Thanks

– My Bro Abe for 25/7 instant feedback support!
– The Developers and People of the internet on platforms like Stack Overflow and Unity 3D.
– People who think they deserve to be mentioned here!