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Project Gaia - the forasian feedback

We write the first thousand years AC on the forasian continent of Durandar. The Land is scarred by disunity and resulting conflicts. Will the pride of the Forasians help them to get through this first millenium?

© Abe

I'm currently at describing the first thousand years of our norse cat-people, the Forasians. The forasian history contains a lot of inner conflict and misunderstandings. Details about that sadly are beyond the scope of this post. So instead you get this short list of topics the Forasians have to deal with during that time:

  • A decentralized government unwillingly promotes the creation of provinces
  • Female rebels fight back against a male dominated society
  • The provinces are invaded because the government wants to be centralized
  • Misunderstandings with another race (the Dragnarians) lead to war
  • Hunger forces the provinces to rebel and fight against each other for resources


Abe and I worked through the feedback we got recently. We talked about what to implement, and the biggest question was the grade of humanity our races should actually have. We then decided to stick to what we already got. Not just because we're lazy mind you!

The lygean races are anthropomorphic ("Furries"). Furries do exist on a lot of different levels, but we were very satisfied with our "midway-solution". Additionally there were a few more reasons why we didn't want to move to far away from human reality:

  • The 6 races are the "Humans" of our world
    • Less need for explanations of basic concepts
    • We believe fans will identify easier with our characters if they are more human
  • The 6 races need to be compatible with each other
    • Race hybrids will become an important aspect of the lygean universe
    • The races need to have some degree of similarity, especially in reproduction
  • We won't break logic by keeping them similar to humans
    • We can ignore evolutinary factors
    • The races were created by "Gods" as they see fit
    • These Gods actually look human
  • Aesthetics
    • We believe more human races will earn more sympathy from our fans
    • We want the females of our Insect-Humans to have boobs :P

However, by far the most important point is the possibility of race hybrids, e.g a half Forasian half Rowagians. We got a lot of cool ideas, though, which we partly implemented already. Fortunately bigger changes weren't necessary so far.

I'm going to need more time for the Forasians this week. I'll tackle one of the other races when I'm done with that. I don't know which, yet. I can choose between the "asexual aliens" or the "lizard bath supervisors". What do you think?

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