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Project Gaia: Picking up speed

Last week, we started picking up the project's pace, so instead of a whole novel I'm back at writing wiki-like entries. But we're still stuck in the first millennium…

© Abe

Novel, what're you doin'? Novel, pls Stahp!

After finishing the first chapter of Whirlwind's novel, I decided to leave it at that. Working out an elaborate story for a novel just doesn't fit into our timeframe. In the end, we want to develop a video game, for which we still need to define 2 or 3 more millenia of world history. I for once would rather like to get there.

Yet, Whirlwind's first chapter was received pretty well. Who knows, maybe I'll try becoming an author, if things go south with the whole gaming business. :3 You can read the chapter here or the summary of rowagian history here, if you're interested and know German. Feedback is always appreciated!

Next steps

I may have hit the breaks on the book, but I still learned a ton about the Rowagian people while working on it. That is why I'll continue thinking about the challenges, developments, heroes, and legends of of the first thousand years, concerning the other cultures, some more. This will appear in our concepts in the typical wiki-writing style. I already started with the Forasian people, last week.

Moreover, we actually received some feedback over the last weekend, which Abe and I will discuss. It concerns some points in the concepts of our cultures, which then might change drastically. Additionally, creating a Wiki was recommended to me, and I'd like to talk about that idea, again.

© Abe

More things from my life

Last Saturday I participated in the BBQ Gamejam at Werk1 in Munich, and met some awesome people there. The topic was "Hot Sauce", for which my team and I used the available 8 hours to develop something like a Smash Bros. clone. The result is called "Hot Brauce" and can be downloaded here. It really was an amazing and fun day!

Also I started work on some side projects:

  • I'm helping Abe with his new homepage. That one's live already so please check it out!
  • I also started to prepare some private old videos for later viewing. For those I'm incorporating famous, customized Logos/Intros from movie and television.
    • In this case I'm using this Tutorial.
    • Ballyweg has some additional Tutorials, which are worth looking into, too.

That's it from my part. What are you working on right now? Do you like Whirlwind's story? Tell me everything in the comments!

Thanks for reading! See you next week! :)

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