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Nothing, therefore cat pictures!

I used the last week to rest, relax, and be lazy. This may have been necessary, but it's also why I have absolutely nothing to report. Instead I'm proud to introduce our tomcat Vivi to you.


My wife Janina and I were sitting a cat for a friend once, that gave birth some time later. Our friend then tried to hand out the kittens to people she knew. One of the little kitties was Vivi. At first we didn't want to take one, because our living conditions weren't optimal for such an animal. We can't let a cat go outside, for example (on the balcony at most). But nobody wanted to take Vivi, so we agreed to do so. We then got him as a present for our wedding. :3


Vivi is very cautious and unobtrusive. Of his siblings, he was the one who wanted to be left alone, and he is not very adventurous, too. He's a really good kitty. I'm not saying this, because he's our baby, and I, as his owner, am blinded by his cuteness! No, he's very discreet, he mostly obeys, he likes to cuddle, and he lets us do ANYTHING to/with him. I didn't think a character like that actually was possible in a cat.
His character convinced us to take him as an apartment pet, because we believed he can be happy just living inside. His character was the reason for his name, too.

© Kleberrise


Our social environment is always surprised about a tomcat named Vivi. It's always assumed "Vivi" would be an abbreviation of "Vivien" or something. But this name has very different origins. Maybe some nerdy readers already know this: Vivi is a character from Final Fantasy IX. We've been observing our cats character for some time, before we gave him a name. Vivi was just perfect, since parts of both characters, the Final Fantasy one and the cat's, and appearances matched up nicely.

Today, we're glad we took him in. He's a very pleasant kitty, who cuddled and purred himself into our little family. :3

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