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I finished the next version of chapter one from the rowagian story. The last few weeks were very exhausting, though. I notice more and more signs on myself that I'm in need of a vacation. That's why I'm going to take it slow in the coming days.

Project Gaia

I completed version 2 of Chapter 1 from my rowagian story. While doing that I noticed, somewhat alarmed, that I totally started writing a real novel. That might not sound bad, but it's certainly not what we've aimed for.
Abe and I try to write SHORT stories about the lygean peoples, not whole books, and a novel is admiteddly to much of an expense at this point. That is why I'm going to shorten Whirlwind's story down to a  more legend like form. I hope this won't take as much time as a novel then.

The story so far

Whirlwind, a rowagian mother of 2, lives in the land at the riverside together with her peasant family. She loves to dance and to animate air (i.e. air bending), which both are forbidden for people of her degree. Whirlwind is ignoring this, though, because her grandmother told her about the old rowagian people, who were dancing and controlling the wind all day long. Whirlwind is longing for these old times, when her people haven't been as stiff and joyless like they are now.
When her oldest, her son Hawkeye, passes his flying exam he gets drafted by the rowagian military. Usually drafted recruits get cut off from their families and so Whirlwind, her little daughter, and her Grandmother fall into a deep sadness.

This summary, in the current, written out form of the first chapter, spans 11 pages! I'm not going to continue like this, but I will archive the current version, if you want to read it. It's in German, though...

© PeterPrime


Phew! The last weeks where very exhausting. We worked overtime for the last 6 weeks, in my day job, so that we could keep an important project deadline. Now things might have slowed down a little bit, but everyone's still on edge, since the project will be released next week. Things will stay pretty tense until then.

Additionally a lot of stuff was happening in my private life, too. Not only was I busy with Project Gaia I also travelled around a lot. I might have caught something, and the changing weather is doing its part to.

Long story short: I'll take it slow today and maybe tomorrow, too. I will rest and relax to prevent myself from completely burning out. See you later, then!

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