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Half a year of Plurt

Half a year ago almost today, I wrote my first Plurt. That's a reason for celebration! With more Plurt!

Why Thursday

As you may have realized by reading the introduction to this post, Plurt is running for half a year now. During that time, I tried publishing a Plurt post every Sunday, and I managed just fine, I think.
However, sometimes it was hard to meet that deadline. Simply spoken that is why I want to try another day now. Thursdays are good candidates for this since they mark the beginning of my "weekend" (an explanation will be given in the next segment). I assume the Thursday deadline will be easier for me to meet. If I ever shouldn't be able to hold that target time, I can use Wednesday evenings as a tag in instead.

My "weekend"

From Monday to Wednesday, I work at my part-time job (the one that feeds me). That is why my colleagues like to call the period from Thursday to Sunday my “weekend”. During my “weekend” I work at my other job (my passions). I got Thursday and Friday in any case to work on Project Gaia, this blog or other projects. I try to use Saturday and Sunday for project work, too, if my private life allows (yes I got one of those, too).

My life is amazing!

You can imagine that my life’s pretty good. I got financial stability due to my day job (and I have to say due to my wife), and I got a lot of time to work on my passion projects. Also, I can use my “weekend” to relax, if I’m sick or down. That’s pure gold!
The only disadvantage I can think of is that my projects, that would use up a full-time worker completely, only have about half a working week to their disposal. Well, things are just going to take a bit longer then, I guess...

Project Gaia

I don’t want to keep a complete silence about the project, even if nothing happened since the last Plurt. Abe and I started writing short stories that describe our peoples cultures. He’s covering the Teyans, and I will write about the Rowagians. Okay, then I’m off to Whirlwind’s story! See ya!

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