Project Gaia: The next milestone

The end of the first millennium is in sight. The individual histories of the different races are almost done. All that's left is the big cleanup.

The Nerivans, people of light

The last race, that had its history described, were the Nerivans. They reproduced in big numbers and came into conflict with the Anomi (the 'nonhumans') pretty fast. But contrary to what every other race has done, they started a dialogue with them. During this dialogue they sorted out their conflicts.
That way the nerivan continent was divided between the different Anomi races and the nerivans. The nerivan provinces developed from this division.

Besides a description of this process, I also described how the nerivans got their laws and came up with their rules of marriage. Also, due to work on nerivan history, we came up with another major change for the rest of the world.

© The-SixthLeafClover

The 6 seasons

Yes, you've read that right! Before, the weather was controlled by some kind of deity, named Nimbur, and there was no reason for seasons to exist on Lygea. The planets rotation axis is perfectly perpendicular to the suns - yes, both of them!
But now we've found a reason for this deity to split up into 6 parts, which became the seasons. They were sitting on static locations all over the world, until they started moving in circulation after an event caused by the nerivans.
Besides Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter we got Silem and Wilder. Wilder brings dry storms and strong updrafts while Silem brings lulls, fogs and general gray weather.

The big cleanup

Abe muss jetz' nur noch mit den Teyanern fertig werden und das erste Jahrtausend wäre inhaltlich komplett. Ich hab' schon damit angefangen, nochmal alles durchzugehen, was wir bisher geschrieben haben und die Sachen auf den neuesten Stand zu bringen. Zusätzlich ist dann noch folgendes zu tun:

  • Nochmal über alles nachdenken und schauen, ob alles Sinn macht.
  • Fantasy-Babble-Benennungen ergänzen oder updaten.
  • Die Ereignisse mit Jahreszahlen versehen und die Zeitlinie anpassen.

Wenn wir damit fertig sind, haben wir sozusagen den nächsten, großen Meilenstein hinter uns gebracht. Alles weitere sollte schneller oder leichter von der Hand gehen.

© Scott Swigart

Pen & Paper

Soon we'll test drive the first 1000 years of lygean history with a little Pen & Paper adventure. I also was started developing a little system, which we'll use for that.

Let's see how far we'll get this week. Tomorrow, all of Bavaria gets a day off, which I'll primarily spend with the wife. So we might not be done with the whole shenanigans after this week, but who knows, maybe we will be.

Happy Halloween everybody until the next timings!