Project Gaia: Our dreams will take time

We're still at describing the first millennium of world history. Last week I somewhat completed the descriptions of our water and shadow people. Abe started writing about the people of earth, so the people of light will be left for me to describe.

Evelitian territories

The people of Shadow

Our asexual aliens of darkness, the Evelites, are a very intelligent and rational people. They are hard working scientists, which helps them to develop to an advanced state pretty fast. In the end of the first millennium they already discovered electricity, for example.
Their history is pretty straight forward for the most parts: In the beginning they lived in caves to protect themselves from daylight, which isn't good for them. Later they traveled across the land to discover new areas of research. They've invented cities along the way that could be closed up with huge daylight blocking domes.

One of the most important topics in evelitian history is sexual intercourse, which they hate like nothing else. If not for their frequent periods of rut, they'd probably have problems keeping their population steady. Anyway, research for suppressing this rut, for in vitro fertilization, artificial pregnancy, and artificial birth takes up a lot of time in evelitian history. They come as far as sperm donation and fertilization by syringe, until the end of the first millennium. They'll get to artificial pregnancy and birth later.


Abe keeps busy with the Teyans, and I'll move on to our people of light, the Nerivans. Nerivan culture will develop into something that can be described as a mixture of typical elven culture (Forest people, nature loving) and western Christianity. However, we've got no clue how to get there, yet. I'll spend this week developing that clue. :P

Afterwards I intend to work on our 'bird people', the Rowagians, again. We might already have a certain detailed story of a certain lady, Whirlwind, that plays an important role in rowagian history, but that only covers a few years. We haven't described the rest of rowagian history, yet. So I think, we should do that at some point.

AFTERWARDS there will be the big cleanup. I'm going to read through all of our documents, fix errors that came up, synchronize namings, and rework obsolete facts.


I have do admit, these relatively dry descriptions slowly get the best of me. I'm a little bit frustrated with my own lack of visual things I could show the world (especially Twitter :P). I guess our project just isn't there, yet.