Project G... oh, whatever

I've been writing the Plurt since February and encountered no engagement from any reader so far, except Abe. I've just read this post and have to say, points 2 to 4 resonate deeply within me.

Why do I even bother?

Blogging is hard work, and a special science, imho. With all the hobbies I got already, I don't want to spent massive amounts of time for this. The last months also have shown that nobody cares about my writings in the slightest. I'm not having that much fun, anyway! I just want to create a big fat fantasy world I can use as a base for the game I'm going to program.

So, either I shut off the Plurt altogether or I change strategy. I don't know which... My way, in any case, didn't work at all, so far. That's why I'm probably not posting anything again, any time soon.

Now you know. If anybody really is reading all this, just leave a comment, dude/tte! It'll take one minute, and it'll be nice to know, if somebody is around.

Project Gaia's progressing, btw. We're still at cleaning up the first thousand years, if anyone likes to know...