Project Gaia State of March 2019

Disclaimer: This blog, The Plurt, is discontinued until further notice. This post, which will be the last for now, merely wants to give people interested in Project Gaia some hints where to go for up to date information. What is Project Gaia? The answer can be found here!

Current State

We're still right in the middle of worldbuilding. Abe and I defined the whole of the story of creation as well as the first 1000 years of world history in the most important events. The foundation for the world Lygea therefore is laid. This contained topics like the rules of magic, a defined hierarchy of creatures (Bestiary), a world map with the first important landmarks, and a big part of the social and technological development of the 6 lygean races.

Next steps


We're now taking in our work, by test driving it with one or more Pen&Paper adventures. We've developed a simple gaming system, which we'll use for that. If and how these adventures or the 10&10 gaming system will be presented online is not decided, yet.

World Anvil

In parallel, I will convert all information about the lygean universe from our Google Docs documents over to the worldbuilding tool World Anvil. The best way to stay up to date about the development of the project would be to visit the world Lygea there.

The second Millenium

After a short break Abe and I will, probably in parallel to the previously mentioned things, continue to work on our world. At the moment we think we still need to work out about 1500 years before the worldbuilding task will be completed.

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