Project Gaia: State of June 2019

Disclaimer: This blog, The Plurt, is discontinued until further notice. This post, which will be the last for now, merely wants to give people interested in Project Gaia some hints where to go for up to date information. What is Project Gaia? The answer can be found here!

Current State

We've sped up the remaining worldbuilding topics, to finally get to the part we actually want to do: Making a Videogame. Until the end of this month, we will be done with the monstrosity that is the PG Worldbuilding task. Lygea, our world, has developed nicely. You can find all about it here, though the English translations will still be a while. That wiki only contains information about the first 1000 years of Lygea's history. We're keeping the information up to the game's plot in much shorter, more unreadable, but better focused format over in our Google Docs.


Next steps


Our digital Pen&Paper adventure is still ongoing, and, to my relief, seems to be a lot of fun. We have been able to test some of our world's concepts, and so far didn't encounter any major errors in our worldbuilding. The adventure, our little journey around the world, will still take a lot of time, though.

Vertical Slice

Our long term goal will be the development of a vertical slice. A kind of demo version that ideally contains all the games major features. There's still a lot to do, before we can takle that one, though...

Characters and Story

First I will look over our selection of characters from the old game, write them, and select who's going to be important, and who won't be. In parallel I'll draft out their character arcs, and construct the story's most important plot points. I want to be able to hint towards those during the vertical slice.

Game Design

After doing all the story stuff, I'll tackle game design. I'll define the game's features, and probably will prototype them all.

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