Project Gaia: State of January2020

Disclaimer: This blog, The Plurt, is discontinued until further notice. This post, which will be the last for now, merely wants to give people interested in Project Gaia some hints where to go for up to date information. What is Project Gaia? The answer can be found here!

Current State

We completed world building, and compiled all world information into the Lygea World Anvil Wiki. We also kept busy with creating characters and story, and managed to pull of initial iterations. However, before those come to life, I take care of fundamental gameplay features. In 2020, that means the battle system. I already programmed a playable Protoype of the battle system, which, over the year, will grow in features.

Nächste Schritte


The digital Pen&Paper is still running. The world trip is only nearing the end of the first continent, but everyone still seems to have fun. Even new players have joined. It seems like we will do this for a long time.

Vertical Slice

The Vertical Slice, a version containing all important core features, is still our long-term goal. We've made the first step with the development of the prototype mentioned above.


More of our current tasks are among others

  • Character Design and Style development - there's still a bunch to do and discuss here, before a final decision is due
  • Wik translation - almost all articles of Lygea are still German only, and have to be translated to English
  • Story and Lore - we already created a somewhat acceptable state, but a few iterations should still be made

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