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Project Gaia: Simulator

Heyho, Imma keep it short for today, even if the last post was a while ago!


Last week, I think I had something like the flu. My body however managed that well enough for me not to get totally sick. I just became super weak and spend some time in bed. Besides I went on a cycling tour from Munich to Starnberg today (I know, it's not that far but usually I spend my days sitting inside in front of a screen, so I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment!). Furthermore I still want do some Witchering (play The Witcher) today! :P

Okay, to the point: I started programming the PG Celestial Simulator. Logically it's working pretty fine and we even could extract some data and findings already. Working on a system for celestial bodies is very interesting. First you're uncovering what kinds of crazy shit are going on in our real world universe and second you're discovering unexpected things about the fantasy world you're creating! Though our "solar system" is still pretty simple a lot of interesting phenomena should already occur in the skies.

The simulator still needs a bit of work, because I want to optimize the output of data on screen. We'll be able to check accurately when the celestial bodies will be where and what kind of phenomenon is occurring. This will help us to date story arcs, if the story needs some kind of solar eclipse and stuff.

Well, until next Week you diddie's! Temeria is calling! :P

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