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Project Gaia: Onward!

So break's over! This week we continued working on developing the PG world.

My current task is writing the most important historical events, which will shape the PG world (Lygea) and add a fitting date to those. In case I haven't told you, we've developed an own "lygean" calendar. So now we have to integrate everything that is happening into this calendar.

It turned out this won't be easy. The lygean calendar is full of cosmic events influencing the world and its inhabitants. To add insult to injury time travel is involved, too. It's common knowledge, that this always is an easy and very understandable topic (NOT)!

J.R.R Tolkien

That's why I took a step back and ignored dating events for now. First I wanted to actually define what important events even should take place. Fortunately Abe already wrote a concept about such a historical relevant story, which I could use as guidance. This story can be understood as the conceptional equal to the whole business with Tolkiens Silmaril.

We started developing a new version of this story. One, that logically and consistently continues our current story of creation and just fits into this world. For this we also had to define some topics and rules of Lygeas universe. Things like the rules of time, of magic, cultural aspects and again cosmic events. Everything's in a good WIP (work in progress) state now, that can be developed upon.

In any case Lygeas universe is becoming more complex, which I like very much. I'm sure all the work will pay off and we'll be able to craft amazing and deep fantasy stories with it.

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