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Croatia: True Friendship

I've heard someone say going on a vacation with friends can be truly awful. Some tension between friends is normal but true friendship won't be defeated by those.

On vacation with friends

Sadly our little trip to Croatia has passed and blablaba... it was amazing blabla... Although it has been awesome I don't like to write about the cool things we did. Abe has already done that and you can just read his Mumbling Monday (German) for that!
I've somewhat closely observed the interesting dynamics in our little friendship circle during this trip and I want to tell you a thing or two about that. My dear wife and I have analyzed us and our friends in this group and we came to the results below.

Before I start running down my friends I'd like to say, that I don't intend to insult or offend. I love my friends! That is why I won't talk about character weaknesses or faults (incompatibilities would be the most fitting word), I'd rather show how despite all these tensions we still get along nicely.
I talk about observations specifically made during our stay in Croatia, which means they could be treated as exceptions from everyday life.

My Friends, the Bros+

My Friends, the Bros+

Left to right: Preetha, Janina, Abe, Tobey, Christian, Martin

I'll go first - Tobey

Let's start with myself, because I've got the most problems defining my own role in this group (except for providing everyone with music nobody really wants to hear). I guess I'm the greatest "stressor" for everyone else because I always want things to hurry up.
But I did learn a little something about myself in Croatia. I'm irascible and my wife even knows why: I'm a nerd and I don't like taking frequent or long trips that much. In Croatia we made trips almost every day and although I really wanted to stay in our holiday home to play a game or just chill, I went along with every one of them. That and a few more annoyances where things I just swallowed down, which then summed up to something bigger breaking out later (cue the Abesome Life ragemonster).

At any rate I still want this - Christian

I'd claim Christian has the most dominant personality of all of us. If we'd have a leader, it'll be him. He likes to talk with others, is a good listener and is generally motivating, which makes him pleasant company.
He often decides what'll be done for the whole group and everyone else follows, because if things don't go his way he'll get frustrated, which in turn ruins everything for everyone. That is why a general "Christian wants to do this, WE'll do this" attitude has developed, regardless of us wanting something else.
Interesting enough he sometimes gets motivated by someone else to do a thing he just now didn't feel like doing.

What exactly does this mean - Janina

(Ja)Nina, my wife, and Preetha too developed into our kitchen chefs. The two women are very hardworking and always clean the kitchen after as. Of all of us Nina has the highest demands on food quality (fresh fruit and vegetbles). She's one, who likes to take a lot of trips and helps with planning and deciding them.
On the other hand she's the most sensitive. She almost cried once because someone attacked her verbally. She provokes these attacks unwillingly however with her smartassery and her grammar fascism. Additionally she always wants to know how exactly things are supposed to go down or what something means. Usually the asked person doesn't even know, which then becomes frustrating.


Preetha, Christian's girlfriend, is another very hardworking soul. Especially in the kitchen before, during and after we eat. She's rather calm but likes to explore and go on trips.
Sometimes, if Christian is doing something she doesn't like, her voice becomes loud for a short moment. If she's fed up, she'll withdraw herself from the group, which everyone else usually doesn't understand. In hindsight however I could've taken a page of her book to protect my friends from my irascibility.

That doesn't even matter, so... - Martin

Martin is most likely the best human being of us all. Contrary to everyone else he gets up early and has no problems with waiting for us. In general he's putting up with all our bullshit without complaining (even if he had reasons to) and contrary to me he's not irascible. His ability to silently endure and adjust to the group is very impressive.
Most we get is a sarcastic comment, which then hints towards him not agreeing with what's going down. If one would ask however, he would just wave his hand and actively ignore his own wishes to go with the group.
He likes to be sassy and sometimes he's even a bit careless. On very few occasions he has to pay dearly for those.

Let's go swimming tomorrow - Abe

Abe is my Bro and companion in nerdism. He likes to brag and swing "epic" talks. Most of the time he keeps quiet but sometimes he tries to motivate people and his jokes fill our gaps.
Although he's my Bro I noticed us having fundamentally different opinions on how everyday things should be done. That is why I often look down on him. He never articulates his wishes directly so we don't even notice. He then starts to whine, if things don't go his way.

True friends

There you go: One is telling where to go and the others follow. One goes quietly, the other is whining, the third goes ballistic and in the end the girls clean everything up.

Those are my friends and I couldn't imagine better ones! Sometimes we tick each other off. But that doesn't keep us from being ULTIMATE together, despite all the above described "incompatibilities".


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