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Project Gaia: A step back

The moment feedback arrives, one has to redo everything!

Okay, it's not that bad! This week a bunch of feedback from our faithful helpers had arrived. It seems as if we were treating them very badly with the scribblings we handed out. For the largest part the given feedback was about our spelling and grammar being from hell. Our concepts are hard to read and understand, also: not enough images!

Abe and I then agreed on only handing out versions, we would declare "finished". This means we're going to polish the already written concepts and make them presentable.

© by Abe

While doing that, I myself have read the things we had thrown together so far. I especially frowned upon our system of magical elements. As in: It came from hell, too. I'm exaggerating, of course, but in the end I was very unsatisfied with it. So again Abe and I thought about the basic building blocks of creation, how they could develop and their relationships among each other. The result was a new, better elemental circle.

One could say: We didn't come far this week. Instead we improved things, that were already there. We both agree however, it was worth it!

Next week I believe, we'll again hand out the first part of creation for feedback. This time it'll hopefully be written well enough for our helpers to be able to concentrate on content rather than form.

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