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Project Bud Spencer Germany

This week was very productive! We finally defined a magic rule set for Lygea, the Bud Spencer Abridged project is done and Comic Con Germany is right around the corner.

Project Gaia

It's getting pretty complex for Lygea. It feels like we're dawdling around at the end of creation, for a bit. But the story of creation has laid down a foundation, whose aspects we now have to explore.

As a first result, we defined what's possible in our world and what isn't. Since everything in the lygean universe is magic, for the major part these are rules of magic. We did touch topics like chemistry and biology, though.

© Bianca Schulze

The next step will be the definition of the different cultures, that developed based on creation. This then will be a base, we build the coming historical events upon.

Bud Spencer Abridged

As a present for a friends wedding, I finally completed this little project. A few months ago, I took the movie "Crime Busters" and wrote a new, much shorter story for it. I then shortened the original scenes and rearranged them. The marriage witnesses, a few wedding guests and I did the voice acting for the new scenes. In the end I only hat to add sounds and music and I was done.

It took a while but it was really interesting to do something like this. While working on it, I developed a great respect for movie makers (especially audio teams).

Comic Con Germany

In two weeks there will be Comic Con in Stuttgart. Abe and I will attend. This will be the first time I'll visit such a Convention. I don't know what to expect, but I'm very excited!

In any case, I noticed last week, that I don't even have any business cards. It would be nice to have some for the Convention. So I hastily threw together a design and gave them to printing. The cards should arrive in the next weeks.


In other news: Terraria got hold of me again. I desperately try to farm the golden Mouse without success so far. Moreover I'm listening to a lot of Sam Dillard recently. His "Chrono Cinematica" Album is a true masterpiece and a true recommendation for Chrono Trigger fans (it's on Spoofy)!

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