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Power to the people!

Bulding a fantasy world, pushing blocks and Comic Con Germany, those are the things I'm currently thinking about. Yeah, fun times ahead!

An old design for our LoSG main characters

Project Gaia

We actually finished defining the cultural developments of our lygean peoples. Those definitions are still in the form of short notes, but cleaning them up shouldn't be that much effort. The definitions only cover the first millennium after the story of creation, though. Anyway, a base for respective further cultural development has been laid.

We got

  • Nerivans - the singers of light from the forests,
  • Forasians - the warriors of fire from the north east,
  • Teyans - the spiritual wanderers of the earth from the south,
  • Evelites - the scholars of shadow from the western mountains,
  • Dragnarians - the travelers of water and bath keepers of the world and
  • Rowate - the party people of air from the floating islands.

I'm currently at ordering these cultures into a chronology. So, that we know what events and inventions came in which order. And then we just put some random (but logical) dates in front of all of them. :3


The Demolisionists house

With my playing of Terraria, I spurred on Abe to join me. We've taken one of his old building projects and transferred it into my world. He says, we're almost done with it, but some decorations are still missing.

I used the time, when Abe didn't need my help, to continue building housings for NPCs. I have a goal to make everything in this world at least a little artistic. First I make it work, then I make it beautiful. 3 of my NPCs did not have an own house, yet. So I used the time and made one for the first of them, in this case the pirates.

Comic Con Germany

Well Stuttgart is drawing nearer. I haven't checked out the program and the events, that will take place at the con, yet, but Comic Con grows ever larger in my conscious. I will check the program out in the next week, though!
Additionally my 10 minute "masterpieces" of business cards have arrived. What can I say... not pretty, but precious!? I think it was good to test run the online printing service with a small set of cards. So I know now what I have to pay attention to next time.

Even when I'm at the con next week, I'll still post stuff. I know nobody cares, but ma' braaaaihn needs to g'rid o' things, or break...


P.S.: Perhaps I really should check out and learn English comma placement...

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