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Project Gaia: Back on track!

Abe and I overhauled our concepts, for the last two weeks. We hope, our feedback team has an easier time working with them, now. We also adjusted some things regarding content. Now we're done with that, and again things have gotten better!

Okay, pictures and diagrams were added, spelling was checked and a new elemental system was set up. These were the things we were doing, for the last two weeks. I'm very satisfied with the result!

Important item in the story of creation - © Abe

The story of creation would then be completed, at least for our part. While that story is checked by our critics, Abe and I will continue with different topics.

One of our gods - © Abe

I'm currently working on a draft, that describes the rules of magic, derived from the creational story. This draft, like any other really, will then work as a base for discussion. It's answering questions like:

  • What kinds of magic are there?
  • What are spells and spellcasting?
  • What creature is able to do what, anyway?
  • etc.

Also, there is a draft for the things coming after creation: World History. We already got a document describing the state of the world, in the beginning of history. That still needs to get rehashed, though.

Additionally, we started writing down people specific developments, in preparation for the next big historic event. Abe even started designing our "Gods". Things are getting complex.

I don't know, if I said this already, but our world has a name: Lygea. I think, Imma start using that name from now on, instead of writing "our world" or "the PG world" or "our little universe", kay? ^^

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