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Top 10 Games state of 2018 - Part 2

Well, Comic Con Germany is over and I'm still trying to get rid of the massive dehydration, I took back home from there.

So how was Stuttgart?

Well... it was nice. What? What else should I say? I primarily tagged along for Abe, but the things that interested me most, were the gaming related merchandise and the cosplayers. It has been cool to be at a con like this, but since comics aren't my primary field of interest, it just has been nice. Anyway, this post's topic is something completely different!

The Top 5

Last week, I've already started with the list of my absolute favorite games and the second half is still pending. So without further mumbling, I'm just going to start with that:

5. Terraria

With 646 hours of playtime, Terraria is the single most played game of my entire Steam library. For me it's always the game I play, when I don't know what to play. The game between games, as it were. Additionally, it's very relaxing, which is also why I like to pick it up, from time to time.

4. Kingdom Hearts

Yes, Kingdom Hearts - but only parts one and two! Especially gameplay in these absolutely hits home for me. Even if the story already has some holes after part two, it was bearable. If I had a say in this, they should've stopped with the story after the second game. But No, they had to go completely apeshit with it.
By the way, I believe KH3 will be awful. Unfortunately, after all the spin-offs (especially Dream Drop Distance) I've lost my faith in the series. Well, as I've said: Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were absolutely amazing games!

3. Super Smash Brothers

If only all beat 'em ups could be like Smash... Not only one of the most amazing crossovers I know, but also far ahead of any other members of the genre, in terms of gameplay. The speed, freedom, pacing and relative simplicity of Smash ruined every other beat 'em up for me.

2. Undertale

I don't even know, if I should say anything. Undertale breaks with a lot of the known conventions in a good way. It's full of wonderful surprises. Maybe it's not for everyone, but Undertale invoked deep Emotions in me, I won't forget until I die.

1. The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt

Say whuat!? Nobody expected that one, isn't that right?

Admittedly, it's no secret: The Witcher 3 is my absolute favorite game. Although not perfect, things like the way this games tells it's story, the design of side quests, the atmosphere in the world, the consistency of the world,  interesting characters, good music, beautiful landscapes and many things more push this game on a clear first place on this list.

I've said it before: Witcher 3 caused me to listen to all the books (6), play all the other games (2) and if I ever get my hands on the comics, Imma read those, too. If I'm a fanboy of anything, it's this!


Now you know, with which games I measure others. On Thursday, I'll be traveling to Abes. He's celebrating his 30th birthday and I'm going to help with party preparations. This is why this Plurt is a bit early this week. I'm going to write about Project Gaia again next time, and again on Sunday!

So, fare thee totally well and stuff!

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