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Holy shit it's Sunday already! Okay then I'll better write down what kind of different stuffs where happening this week...

If you pay attention to the title you might notice, that this time there's no "Project Gaia" prescript present. That is because this post's topics are of a more general nature. I can start with PG, though:

Project Gaia

We only progressed a small step this week while working on PG. The math problems described in my last post are still present and I finally decided to ask the Internet for help (here). If help won't arrive I will implement a less mathematical and more unity-mouse-programming solution, which I'd rather avoid...

Instead of working on the simulator I thought about PG world history. There are some events we'd like to take place in our world and I somehow want to get to those now. And that was the moment Taijj realized, he fuc... eh... how complex such world building actually is. Questions emerged which I don't want to find answers to alone. But since Abe was occupied this weekend I could not continue work here either.

So we hit a small blockade, which is why this week not that much has happened here.

Bud Spencer Abridged

Still, I used the remaining time well, for example for chores! :P Okay, it wasn't that bad! But there were a few things I wanted to take care of, which took a bit of my usual PG time.

Besides these, let's call 'em bureaucratic tasks, I continued work on my side project. I think I can talk about that here, since the couple this is for doesn't read my blog anyway! :P

I've told you about this before: I'm doing something like a Bud Spencer Abridged. I'm done with recording all external voice acting. Now I just need to do my own voice acting, put all of that in the scenes and add sound, music and ambient. That still is a lot of work, but I'm confident I'll hit the deadline which is in the beginning of July.

Ah, well...

Next week I'm afraid I won't get to that much either. We'll go on vacation to Croatia for 2 weeks and a computer will be out of reach for me most of the time.

To prevent this Plurt from blowing up, here are more things that run through my mind in a list: God and the world, the law of attraction, quantum physics, the Terraria gold mouse, the fuck is THIS and naturally The Witcher 2!

Bye bye!


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