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Vacation Preparations

Oh!? Ein Plurt? Schon am Freitag?

Project Gaia

I've already told you last week about things not getting that far this week. Tomorrow morning the journey to Croatia for some epic vacationing begins and that's why I'm already posting the weekly Plurt today!

Although there hasn't happened that much a few things did progress. I wanted to get Project Gaia into a comfortable state to ensure smooth continuing of work after the vacation. So Abe and I discussed some details about the PG world and came to agreements concerning these.

Additionally I completed my own voice acting for Bud Spencer Abridged and realized: I'm really not that good at this! Well, it's the first time I'm doing something like this so I force myself to be satisfied with what I did. All the voices now have to be put into the scenes and the only thing left then is the whole sound business. That I'll be doing after the vacation, too.

I'm going to try posting another Plurt next week despite me being on vacation. I've work on that one on the side for some time now, so I should manage. Spoiler Alert: It's about the Witcher books.

Now I'm really excited about that vacation! 'Dis'll be ahwsum!

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