What is Project Gaia?


Project Gaia is a video game project and the revival of our old game Legends of System Gaia. It's a rather old schooly (J)RPG with 2D Graphics, a turn based battle system, complex story, and thorough worldbuilding.


For the gameplay we're planning something out of a classic Final Fantasy, and enhance it by adding elements from games like Undertale and The Witcher 3. Battles feature short skill games that determine the success of attacks, and fighters have 2 life bars instead of one. Quests and riddles can be solved by using the party's super senses (Witcher Senses).


Unfortunately, a clear vision of the game's story is still missing. We got a roster of characters, but still have to decide on their roles and involvement in the main story. However, we did finish developing a world for this game. It's called Lygea, and you may check it out here (German only).

Legends of System Gaia

You can download the old Legends of System Gaia Game with the link below but be advised: The game is old and was made with old technology! It's german only and unfortunately our beta-tested version got lost, and we're stuck with the version that still has some game breaking bugs in it (Save often and on different slots!) Also a real balancing is missing so I strongly recommend following the cheating instructions included in the download! I hope you'll be able to enjoy the story and minigames then, at least...

Allright, without further ado: Download Legends of System Gaia!