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Project Gaia: Part almost done!

The world of Project Gaia, Lygea, has grown very complex. Therefore, the last tasks ate up more time than expected, like everything becoming more and more complex.

Almost done!

Cleaning up the lygean cultures still needed more time, this week. Especially finishing up the last of them, because new ideas, we badly wanted to integrate, presented themselves.
Additionally, the cultural descriptions weren't the only things in need of cleanup. We're still at the end of creation, and we created a document to bridge creation and world history. That one is describing the state of the world after creation. It has references to all aspects of the world, e.g. rules of magic, our timeline, and the different cultures, of course.

There were a lot of ideas and notes to clean up, to prevent potential readers from going insane. We might already have enough material to start our own Wiki. ._.

Well anyway, spell checking for the cultural documents is the only thing missing now. Everything else is done! I might even manage to finish up those missing parts today. We'll see.

Ooooh, pictures!

Abe worked really hard this week! Thanks to him, we finally know what our peoples look like. He sketched out the average male and average female of each race. Both us as made a lot of compromises, I think (different tastes and stuff). But I'm proud of the result. Also, read Abe's blog! Like, comment, subscribe! :P

(Yes our races are furries! Deal with it!)


And with that the first 1000 years of the lygean calendar are completed. We'll move on to the second millennia next. While the nations had time to peacefully develop, the next time period will be full of conflict. Things stay interesting!

Thanks for reading! See ya! :3

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