Legends of System Gaia

music by Machinae Supremacy

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    6 Years

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    Game Design, Scripting, Writing,
    Graphics Editing


Legends of System Gaia is a (J)RPG created with the RPG-Maker 2003, released in 2011. It features gameplay similar to the classic Final Fantasy games with some, at the time, unique twists on story and quests. I'm not exaggerating when I call this my proudest achievement so far. Since the project was revived in 2018, I now even call it my life's work.


The original Team just consisted of my brother Abe and myself. We worked together closely on nearly all aspects of the game. While he mainly focused on the graphical tasks, I mostly worked in the RPG-Maker to put everything together and add behavior.


Since my brother and I didn't have any experiences in game development, nearly everything was a challenge. But we learned quickly. In fact, we were so fast that we didn't progress in the overall execution, and kept on improving the things already present, using the new things we've learned. That is why we decided at a certain point to just release it, even if the main story was not completed, yet.