Legends of System Gaia

Music by Machinae Supremacy


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    2D Video Game

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  • Effort:

    ~ 6 Years

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My Role

I mainly took care of all the game's parts on my own, assembled everything in the "engine", and added the necessary logic. My brother Abe contributed some artworks and a significant amount of graphical assets, though.

In detail, my responsibilities were: The game & level(map) design, writing and realization of cutscenes and ingame events, integration and editing of music, SFX, and graphical assets, implementation of game logic, balancing, QA, and even publishing.


In classic JRPG fassion, the player controls a group of heroes who experience various adventures in a fantastic world. Battles are fought turn based and the player's choice of party leader will cause them to experience the story from that hero's perspective.

The game was created with the RPG-Maker 2003 and published in 2011 on RPG-Atelier. There it even won 4th place for the "game of the month" award. Unfortunately, nowadays it can only be found in RPG-Atelier's hidden archives. However, we've revived the project as Project Gaia in 2018 and we're working on it from time to time.

Through Legends of Sytem Gaia my passion for game development was born. The work with the RPG-Maker is the reason why I'm a rather broad creative allrounder these days, and editing the respective graphics is cause for my liking of pixelart. Due to its 2018 revival, I consider this project to be my life's work and dream.


This game was the first time I touched on game development and therefore nearly everything was a challenge. In the end, the greatest obstacle, that had to be overcome, were my own high demands. I had been learning so fast that I'd spent a lot of time redoing parts of the game over and over again.

That is why I decided someday to just develop the game up to a certain point in the main story, and then publish it.


Most of the graphical and audio assets came from unknown sources and were, at most, edited or adjusted by us. In the beginning of development, we were teenagers and didn't care much for were the assets originated, who made them, or who owned them. Back then, it had been like that in the RPG-Maker community.

That was another reason why I decided to finish working on it and to publish the RPG-Maker version soon. With the revived Project Gaia we will do it right, though!