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Thinking thoughts about thinking

Today I write about my view on reality. Oh boy, do I really want to talk about religion and esoteric? Seems like it...

Project Gaia

Okay, before I start laying out my view on the world, here's a little PG update. I've been busy with cleaning up the different notes for the lygean cultures. I completed 4 out of 6 cultures, which took longer than expected. There were some new ideas and I thought about old ones, so some facts where changed. In short: We're still at them.

All the world and his brother

What is this going to be? Maybe you don't know: A few months again I've been a very faithful Christian. I helped out in a church‘s congregation and I even had a ministry there. I laid down my ministry and stayed away from the congregation until now. To grossly oversimplify, the Christian world view was to limited for me.

I've checked out other world-views by listening to some books. For example:

The latter may be a bit off topic, but also touches the theme and ideas of today's post.

The law of Attraction

Also known as "The Secret", this law is described as the universal way reality works. In general this law says, that specific thoughts create specific things. E.g. if I believe and think of me as having no talent and being unable to do anything, the universe decides "Okay, you have no talent and you're unable to do anything!"

A central idea of this teaching is to accept, that all things happening to me, are created by myself. If I'm able to accept this, I know, on the other hand, about me having the power to change these things and circumstances, too. Everyone is the architect of his own fortune!

Stephen Covey wrapped this idea in the "pro-activity" principle, in his book. I'm always having the choice to take things into my own hands (proactive), or to let things be decided by others (reactive).

My observations

The first observation I made is, that a lot of people act and speak reactively. Things in their reality are forced upon them from the outside, and they can't do anything about them ("I have to" vs. "I want to"). Often a by-product is a lot of whining.

The second observation is my life becoming more fun, since I've accepted, that I'm to blame for everything happening to me. My choices might bring up unwanted results, but I always have the power to do whatever I want with these results.


This topic literally fills books, so I won't go any deeper here. I also won't claim, that these ideas and teachings are the absolute truth.

I'm no master myself, yet. I often fall back to my old ways. Still, I seem to have a much easier life since I started experimenting with those ideas. That is why I recommend checking them out to everyone spiritually inclined.

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