Home is Where your Fart is

General Data

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  • Platform:

    PC, Mac, Web

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  • Used Software:

  • Working Time:

    18 Hours

  • My Jobs:

    Rigging, Animations, Animation and
    UI Logic, VFX


This game came to be during Global Game Jam 2019, where the motto was "Home". The player has to "outdisgust" their roommates by nose picking, burping and farting until they all leave. The game was developed in Unity and, as is usual for GGJ, it was completed in under 48 hours.


In spite of the time limit, we decided to take a look at Unity's 2D Animation Package, which was still in Beta back then. I had to take a look at the package, learn how to use it, and work with and around some major bugs the thing still had.