Home is Where Your Fart is


  • Type:

    2D Video Game

  • Kind:

    Game Jam

  • Language:


  • Year:


  • Effort:

    18 Hours

Used Software:


My Role

I dealt with the then still rather new Unity 2D Animation Package and took care of rigging and animating the characters. Furthermore, I've coded some UI and added a bunch of simple particle effects.


Players hound their roommates out of the house by picking their nose, burping loudly, or leaving behind lingering clouds of almost deadly farts. If all roommates have left before the time runs out, the game is won.

This game was developed for Global Game Jam 2019, which stood under the theme of "Home". It was created in Unity in under 48 hours, as is custom for the GGJ. Our team consisted of 4 humans and a dog. ;)


We've decided to try Unity's 2D Animation Package, despite the short time limit. The package was still in Beta. I had to take a look at it, learn how to use it, and work around some major bugs that popped up now and then.