Dodge'Em II


  • Type:

    2D Video Game

  • Genre:

    Endless Runner

  • Language:


  • State:


  • Effort:

    ~ 6 Months

Used Software:


My Role

I developed this little game nearly entirely on my own with Flash. The ActionScript 3 code was written in FlashDevelop, the pixelart graphics and animations I made in a program called IDraw 3, and I used jsfxr for the SFX.

The original concept was developed by a classmate who had already developed the original Dodge'Em for the Kongregate platform, hence the II in the name. The music is Tiny Tunes from FantomenK.


In Dodge'Em II, the player crews an unarmed space ship on its journey through an endless asteroid field. Points are scored for the distance travelled, as well as for dodging asteroids with the iconic "Dodge Roll". Successful dodging of multiple asteroids is rewarded with various power-ups.


I had already worked with the Adobe tools for Flash professionally. I wanted to extend my knowledge and abilities by challenging myself to develop the game with different tools for Kongregate.

Sadly, Flash was definately already dying when I was done with this exercise and, even though the Kongregate API was already fully integrated and tested, I lost all interest in publishing.


As already suggested, I've completed development on the game and it can therefore be played locally, at least. You can download a .zip archive here that contains the game and instructions for playing. Have fun!