Dodge'em II

General Data

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  • Genre:

    Endless Runner

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  • Working Time:

    6 Months

  • My Jobs:

    Art, Code, Game Design, SFX


In this game the player has to fly an unarmed space ship through an endless asteroid field, scoring points for traveled distance. The player may earn extra points and powerups by dodging a number of asteroids with a stylish dodge roll. The game was developed in the FlashDevelop IDE for the Flash Player.


Before I started working on this game, I already had some experience developing in Adobe Flash and the Adobe Flash Builder IDE. I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills by challenging myself to develop the game with the FlashDevelop IDE for When I completed this exercise flash was already dying, and I lost interest in actually publishing the game, though.


Even though it never saw the light of release, I'm proud to tell that I completed the game almost on my own - including Code, Graphics and even SFX. However, I did have some help with music, and the original idea came from a classmate, who had released "Dodge'em 1" on Kongregate earlier.


As mentioned earlier: In spite of not being released, the game is actually finished and can be played locally. Just download the .swf here, the Flash Player Projector from this site, and use the projector to open the .swf. Enjoy!