Best Burgers in Town

General Data

  • Media Type:

    Video Series

  • Genre:

    Family Videos

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  • My Jobs:

    Compositing, Editing, Script


Simply spoken, this series comprises all private and personal videos from my family, my friends, or myself. It's made up of things like filmed weddings, birthdays, vacations, end-of-year reviews, and more. Those go beyond simple family videos, though. All Videos, no matter how mindlessly shot, will be collected, cut, edited, and enhanced to become easy and entertaining experiences. For this I mainly use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.


One Video mostly consists of different video clips cut together wit photos and music. I add additional graphics or VFX wherever it feels right. All in all it's not that challenging. Still, I try to incorporate something new in every video I make. This way I strive for a balance between easy execution work, and learning new techniques.