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    Spare Time

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My Role

I'm running this channel nearly on my own at the moment. I'm taking care of everything involved, especially video planning, capturing, and editing. However, the channel graphics were made thanks to and by my brother Abe.


I'm running this channel for many different reasons. On one hand, it is a good opportunity to work myself off creatively, in different experimental ways. On the other hand, I'm trying to build a small following for myself.

The latter is especially important for me related to my life's dream of realizing Project Gaia. The channel is running since October 2022 and I plan on keeping at it for many more years.


I'm faced with ever new challenges due to this channel. From establishing a studio in the private apartment, properly capturing audio and video, and editing all of it with Davinci Resolve, which is still rather new to me. Additionally, I'm trying myself at building a small community by running a Discord-Server.