About The Box Theory

And the DotNet's down again!

The Box Theory is a semi-autobiographic webcomic taking place in a parallel universe, where everything is Pixel-Art. It follows the life of a class of Game Design students, at a school of design, which are a colorful mixture of different characters and races.

It is implied that the school in question has high expenses, due to an incompetent System Administrator, daily window replacements and a principal who is somewhat of a pervert.

Contrary to these facts, the life at this school seems very enjoyable!

Main Cast

The Box Theory

Theo is your average Joe! He lives in an apartment with Al, has a crush on Sonya and is plagued by weird dreams about epic love. He's on the search for the ULTIMATE POWER, which in his case just means doing sports a little bit.

First Appearance: Episode 001 - Meet Theo

Al is an elven Cyborg and consumes vast amounts of BRAWNTE. He claims this beverage is fuel for his bionic body parts and enables him to have "suprapowers". He inhabits the same apartment as Theo and gets easily offended when people don't know about his nerdy hobbys.

First Appearance: Episode 002 - Meet Al

Aside from mysteriously appearing in Theos dream not much is yet known about Marcus. He's one of the class' students and likes to make fun of his fellow classmates.

First Appearance: Episode 012 - Meet Marcus

Sonya is a dragon lady with a short temper, especially when it comes to Jammin! But she may start shouting angrily at any occasion. Also, she likes to play intimate with Lando.

First Appearance: Episode 018 - Meet Sonya

This ferret girl is easily annoyed. That might be, because her gender is often confused, willingly or unwillingly, by her classmates.

First Appearance: Episode 022 - Meet Jenna And Lando

The Box Theory

A gay wolf! The fact, that he's into men, doesn't stop him playing pretend with Sonya. He works part time in the school canteen, which helps him cover the expenses of school (and free meals).

First Appearance: Episode 022 - Meet Jenna And Lando

One could say this kangaroo is a little bit weird. Scary even, if Theo is asked. Jammin seems to be the main target if the class needs somebody to dis. Despite that, Jammin tries hard to appear cool. Too hard!

First Appearance: Episode 031 - Meet Jammin

Odin is an easy going type of bear. Except when he overthinks playing a videogame. Which usually ends in him getting pissed and finding the best strategy to wipe the floor with everyone short thereafter. Usually he's one of the initiators of a round of "Sword & Horse".

First Appearance: Episode 038 - Meet Odin

This pile of bones is a "Sword & Horse" fanatic and a notorious grammar nazi. His grammar fashism even goes so far as causing him physical pain, if rules of language are violated.

First Appearance: Episode 044 - Meet Neil

This duck is ripped! Joshua enjoys a good workout as much as a good videogame. He's somewhat acting up as Theo's personal trainer and he currently holds the highest score on the "phallic list".

First Appearance: Episode 050 - Meet Joshua

Percival enjoys using innuendos in all forms and sizes, which gives him a high score on the "phallic list". In general he seems like a cheerful guy.

First Appearance: Episode 057 - Meet Percival

Additional Cast

Legolars is the class' main teacher.

Jo is in charge of the school's canteen!


The Batministrator is the school's System Administrator.