Life Goal Categories

Since 2020 I started setting myself yearly goals, to give deadlines to the things I really want to do and accomplish in my life. I got my Inspiration from the book The Timehorizon Principle by Dr. Julian Hosp. Most of the following categories are from that book.


Where do I want to travel to? Which concerts, movies, events do I want to experience?


For what do I want people to remember me? What kind of projects and creations do I want to do? (Businesses, Book writing, Game developing, etc.)


Which material posessions do I want to buy/get/posess?


What will I do to maintain old or create new relationships? (Distant Family, Friends, Network, etc.)


Same as relationships, but separate because love has an important role in our lives. (Close Family)


Which things do I want to learn/know? What skill will I develop?


What will I do about my physical, mental, or spiritual health?


Who do I want to help, What do I want to give without getting anything back?

Spare Time

Things that don't fit in any other category, but I still want to do. (I've added this myself.)