General Data

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  • Genre:

    Slice of Life

  • Platform:


  • Development State:

    On Hold

  • Used Software:

  • Working Time:

    ~2 Years

  • My Jobs:

    Concept, Writing, Art


The Box Theory tells the story of Theodor Box and his colorful classmates. They spent their life together in a pixelated world, and try to make it through their studies in the subject of Game Design. Currently the comic contains about 60 individual strips, a.k.a. episodes, containing situations that are humorously based on my own past. A few animated episodes can be found in between.


As a professional programmer, I also enjoy drawing and animating from time to time. However, drawing something decent remains a challenge for me. In this project I tried to transfer a drawn art style into a grayscale Pixelart universe, and made my first experiences writing humor. Most of the jokes are based on insiders from my past. Making those publicly relatable was another challenge I had to face here.