Load Page Layout Javascript

function loadContent(id)
    // Here I build an object that is sent with the Ajax call.
    // It contains the Php method to call, and the Id of the
    // wordpress page to be loaded.
    var data = { 
        action: "tnet_load_post_content",
        pageId: id
    // Builds the Ajax call, executes it, and calls onContentLoaded on success.
    useAjax(data, onContentLoaded);

function useAjax(data, onSuccess)
        type: "post",
        cache: false,
        // The target for the wordpress Ajax call, was enabled via wp_localize_script() in the Php code.
        url: ajaxAdmin.ajaxurl,
        // The parameters that get send along
        data: data, 
        // Method that is called on success
        success: onSuccess

function onContentLoaded(response)
    // The loaded content is put into the designated container.