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Finally done! A.k.a Html, Css and Php suck!

Phew, what an undertaking! I finally reached a "completed" state on this website (or something that could be called an alpha version).

I learned a bunch of Html, Css and Php because I needed to program a custom theme for WordPress to be able to design the site I wanted to have. Well, I still had to compromise, because Html, Css and Php suck big time!

I understand the vision for each of those languages but seriously the whole thing is an effin' mess! I can't see how this ever became so popular! I really, really, really hate to work with those languages. They are a messy, structureless, outdated, inconvenient, unreadable, slow and unpredictable piece of shit!

I said above, that I "learned" a few things about Html, Css and Php. "Learning" not beeing the right verb here since I had to try and error my way through the whole website building process. I still need to carefully search for the right Css rule, if I just want to center something. And don't get me started on the whole different browsers display stuff differently businness!

A. Fuckin. Mess. I tells ya!

Sorry, if this post became so negative. But I really needed to get this off my chest! I promise more uplifting stuff in the future! :)

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