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Doing things....

This week's a bit slow. I'm done with this website and I finished preparations for a little side project I'm working on:
You could say I'm making a Crime Busters Abridged for an upcoming wedding. I finished cutting the clips together, which now await their voice overs.

Also, my big 30 year existence celebration is held on Saturday. I have to prepare some things for that, so project work's a bit slow this week.

Next week Abe and I will start world building for Project Gaia (PG)! We've got a broad idea where to go but a detailed overview of the world's major history and creation myth is still missing. I guess, I will start to read some articles about the topic to get some degree of guidance.

In other news I recently replayed the good old Battle Zone and had fun times with it. I cheated a bit, though (infinite ammo). I figured that would be okay, since I already legally finished the game in the past. Next game to finish will be Horizon Zero Dawn, which as of now keeps its balance with things I really like and things I really hate.

Hm, this post seems a bit all over the place, maybe I need to structure these a bit more...

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