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Project Gaia - A new world...

Behold, the first few world building days are over and I'm pretty pleased with the things we came up with for Project Gaia (PG).

The past days I spent writing an outline of the world's creation story. Right now it features 12 detailed but short pages describing which creational forces where to blame for the birth of our little universe. Our base is magic, which in the beginning was a huge lump of everything, that separated itself into its different parts to get that crazy party of creation going. The process takes several phases and we're now a short step past the point when the celestial bodies and first thinking, feeling and motivated beings came into existence.

I think that was the easy part! More complicated stuff lies ahead, due to beings interacting with each other. Conflicts will arise, that shape the world. I often think of Tolkien and his world. The story of the ring is just an infinitesimal small part of this world. I bet you can find a good summary of Tolkien's world somewhere. Or grab the Sillmarillion, which drags a little bit a places but is a good read anyway.

I'm a bit surprised how easy it has been so far. I didn't encounter any spots, where I had to think long and hard about how to go on, yet. That might be because Abe and I had already developed a schematic beginning a while back. From now on things will get tougher... and we haven't even shown our stuff to anybody, yet ._.

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