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The Box Theory Season I is out!

I just finished uploading all the episodes of The Box Theory season I! So for the first time the whole season can be read online!

The Box Theory(TBT) accompanied me for some years now. A lot of dedication, love and care went into this (for the most parts), but now it's time to take a break!

Don't worry I won't stay idle. I'm putting TBT on hold to free time for my next project of heart: Project Gaia! This doesn't mean TBT won't be continued! But it will sleep for some years! I still got a ton of ideas concerning the comic, which I probably come back to later, when Project Gaia is done! Maybe I'll even put in some private art lessons before, to prevent Abe from having reasons to scold my art! And... ehm... of course to improve the quality of the comic... ehem... *cough*

Anyway check out season I of TBT right here!

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