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Let me show you what I can do!

Professional Projects

This list contains Projects I’ve worked on for the Ravensburger company. Content and Images of these are all © by Ravensburger AG!

1 Gravitrax

Gravitrax is a Ravensburger toy IP, for which I helped to develop an app. The app featues 3 different modes. In the free editor users can build their own marbe runs. The construction manual is for users, who want to rebuild runs in the real world. In play mode different balls, cameras and environments can be used to watch the marbles running. The app is available for free on Android and iOs.

Roles: Code, UI, VFX

Used Software:

Private Projects

You see, while respectable members of human society go out after work to socialize, I sit in front of my compute to produce things like:

1 Legends of System Gaya

Legends of System Gaya is a J-RPG styled Game that I developed together with my brother Abe a long time ago using the RPG Maker 2003. Although the assets at that time mostly where “borrowed” (as in “maybe stolen”) a lot of passion went into this project. My Brother and I want to revive the project soon. But this time handle production properly (no “borrowed” assets!). Our progress can be checked out here!

Roles: Concept, Game Design, Story, Art, Code

Used Software:

2 The Box Theory

The Box Theory is a webcomic featuring a colorful mixture of pupils, who live their lifes at a school of game design.
It takes place in a parallel universe, where everything usually is made of grayscale Pixel-Art.

It currently features one season made up of 62 episodes, which can be read here.

Roles: Concept, Story, Art, Animation

Used Software:

3 Dodge ‘Em 2

Dodge ‘Em 2 is a game made with Actionscript 3 for the Flash Player. It’s the unofficial (but authorized) sequel to a game made by a friend of mine. The player controls an unarmed space ship through an endless asteroid field, where she has to last as long as possible. Powerups and the Dodge mechanic help her with this undertaking. Unfortunately I never came to release it. If you want to give it a shot you can download the .swf here

Roles: Game Design, Code, Art, Animation, Sound

Used Software:

4 Miscellaneous Art

A little selection of my best Digital Art:

5 This Homepage

Last but not least I want to mention this website. I somehow managed to put this together under great pain using wordpress and custom theme programming.

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