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26th of August 2015 – 09:26
Site update
Phew it's been over a year…
Well, I'm still busy with the website restructuring. If you want to keep track of my progress visit this link!

26th of May 2014 – 13:13
Site update
So, I had a good overview in what to do, if I would like to change the sites design (and CMS). I successfully installed Wordpress and had a look around it's features. I'm pretty confident about reworking the site with wordpress, except for the comic viewer I have in mind for TBT. I need to relearn a ton of HTML, CSS and Javascript to make this work. But I decided to give it a try. Could take a while, though!

19th of May 2014 – 22:55
Bitchetty, bitchy
I just noticed having the the same flash size issues with Dodge 'Em as with TBT ep. 13. I have to think of something to make it all better but for now I can only feel the desire of my pillow to cuddle with my face. I have work tomorrow and I'm pretty tired so have a good night you guys. See you later!

19th of May 2014 – 22:49
Yeah, I tried to upload episode 13, but stumbled upon a certain size problem. I don't want to bore you with the details, but sadly I wasn't able to get the episode up here without making it impossible to watch. So, this one stays on Deviantart You can watch it there.

15th of May 2014 – 23:38
TBT is up
Okay, I did the first step in changing stuff here. I've uploaded almost all TBT episodes. You can find them here (There are some inconveniences when using the gallery on this page. As I stated at the top: CMS's a bitch! Sorry guys, I know it's a pain in terms of usability).
So, what I want to do next is changing some things in the about section. Some minor stuffs. Then I'll take a look into how to reprogram this page cross platform style. I'm certain it will take a shitload of time to figure this all out.

15th of May 2014 – 21:23
Change of plans, AGAIN
So, the last post seems to become kind of a lie. Well, up until now it actually is one. I planned to change a lot around here. With this I meant the whole site basically, with design and content and all, but since my programmer Bro has a pretty demanding job now I have to either hire someone to do it or do it myself. I haven't decided yet what to do, but I'll change a few things around here. E.g. some changes to the sections and uploading TBT stuff here to. Finally. My plan was to create a completely new design and make it cross plattform. Well that won't happen for now, but at least TBT will be here, too. So, yeah… that happens. Just look around the next days and weeks and a few things should change. See ya soon.

29th of November 2013 – 09:33
What is going on?
So, I kinda want to excuse myself for not doing anything lately. That's because I'm busy redisigning this homepage and make it better. It is a good time now since I managed to beat my last new years resolution on at least creating 25 TBT episodes. So many things are going to change around here soon.

24th of October 2013 – 10:24
Sorry, but I need to get this off my mind. So I found this post on Soup.io., which made me think about my point of view in the matter and I'm not talking about the metaphors, I'm talking about the uprising gender conflict..
Calling the girl a whore is wrong only because a whore is basically a prostitute (getting paid for sex), which is not the case here as far as I got it. What she wants to become is a fornicator. I would not state noone would call a guy doing the same thing a whore, because I have to admit that I would have. But only because I didn't know the difference between whore and fornicator then.
I don't mean it in a bad sense. If they want to, they can all fornicate all day, but that would make them all fornicators no matter the gender. They would turn to whores not until they get money for doing so. For me the words whore, fornicator and prostitute are all gender neutral terms. That may not conform to what's written in some dictionaries but that is how I see it. Unfortunately these words are heavily prejudiced in society so I would think carefully about useing them.
To conclude: Yes it was wrong to call her a whore. But calling her a wanna be fornicator would be appropriate in my opinion. Not because she's a woman. Because she wants to fornicate with the guys in the picture. If this is a bad thing, is everyone's damn own decision. (For me, by the way, it would be a bad thing. That's because I think sex is the most physically intimate thing two humans can share. And I don't share this with anyone!)

11th of October 2013 – 10:35
Final Fantasy I
So finished FFI Dawn of Souls this morning. I'm glad I got this off my list. All in all it is a good game and I can see why it saved Squaresofts ass back in the days. But for me these days there are a lot of things that bugged me. Too much random battles with to many identically, easy to defeat enemies. I could just hold a button and the battles won themselves. I did not need to bother choosing spells carefully. I basically attacked myself through the entire game. Then there's the thing, that the game doesn't do much to remind you where you are supposed to go. In combination with the boring battles (even the bosses were no match for the button holding tactic) this frustrated me. So in the end of battling ridiculous amounts of enemies (in teams up to 9 weaklings) the final boss was the only enemy I had to prepare for. But the ending gave me that little “awwww” feeling. I blame it on the FF theme music. I just can't be mad for long when listening to it :)

11th of October 2013 – 10:31
episode release
Today I'll release a new episode. This one's a bit different so I want to take your attention to it. Check out my DeviantArt page about midday (UTC+01:00) today to check it out!

19th of September 2013 – 09:03
Final Fantasy IV, The legend of Zelda – spirit tracks
Today again two sentences about two games I finished recently.

While I was sick, I played Final Fantasy IV, the remake for the DS. I really liked the story and all it's elements. Just when I got the feeling of coming close to the end another problem arises and more of the story reveals. Awesome! Beeing used to these kind of games I've expected the game to end somewhere near after I aquired the first airship, since you basically can move everywhere then. Well, no! In the end I got 3 airships which all have their own perks. To conclude I just want to say near the end the battles became pretty dull!

So, Spirit Tracks. That was a new experience. I'm usually all against these new methods of input but I tried to live with it this time. The game is all a good Zelda has to have. Nothing more, nothing less. Just like I like it! The atmosphere was amazing, the mechanics worked very well, the riddles were very challenging! In one word awesome! Still prefer buttons as input methods, though!

9th of September 2013 – 22:18
I'm Back
So, shadows of the cold I caught still remain but I'm back now and at 99% strength for everything to come. I even released two TBT episodes today. Don't become too fond with these. Maybe I'll change them since I'm not fully satisfied with how they turned out. Anywayz, back now. Hi!

20th of August 2013 – 18:57
Down with the sickness 2
Seems like the virus inside me regenerated and broke out again. Result: I'm sick again! So, no stuff again from me…

12th of August 2013 – 10:42
Down with the sickness
Sorry for the lack of things from me the last weeks. I was on vacation, and sick, and sick on vacation. Now I'm back at my workplace ready to pick up the pace. Slowly! I'm still coughing a lot. If my spellcheckers are fast I can put up the next TBT episode today. Keep your fingers crossed!

11th of July 2013 – 09:35
CD, DVD, Blue-ray
In a time where everything and everyone is online, I'm still one of those guys buying everything on a physical medium (CD, DVD etc). I don't want to flame about online services and clouds and shit. I just want to stress, that this is not for me! The feeling of taking a Disk out of a physical box and putting it into a player just playing whatever you put in there is priceless (maybe even nostalgic). It's the best to look at your collection of boxes that are not just entries in a database. Well, they may not hold longer than a digital collection and maybe with clouds a physical set is more vulnerable, but digital libraries don't feel that awesome to me.

Let me use this post to feature some things I had this feelings with in the last days and you should totally check out anyway.

  • Ensiferum – a finnish metal band. I the album unsung heroes arrived yesterday and I'm just listening to these awesome riffs. (And you know, the CD is glittering in the sunlight – plain AWESOME)

  • Once upon a time – a TV series from ABC (from the writers of Lost). I won't say much here but I've enjoyed myself like a little boy as I put the first blue-ray of the complete first season into my PS3 and started watching.

10th of July 2013 – 12:08
Dry phase
I think you all know about these major dry phases that come from time to time. I'm in one at the moment and it sucks. Anyway work for TBT and Dodge 'Em continues as good (in the sense of the overall quality) as I can make it. Maybe I'll get the concepting stuff to a state similar to done until the end of this week.
On the other hand I got my hands on Brütal Legend. It's awesome! As an old Tenacious D, Jack Black and Metal fan I'm totally in the target audience. I've heard a lot of complaints about this game, but they only seem understandable, if you're not that much into Metal. I like the game! The mixup between Hack & Slay, RTS and Ocarina of Time work for me ;)

28th of June 2013 – 17:31
Sorry, for the loss of episodes lately. I've been pretty busy with developing stories for the characters as well as the character designs themselves; so I'm a bit behind with episodes. I hope I can make it up to you when I'm done with all the conceptual stuff.

28th of June 2013 – 17:21
before you declare him dead
Well, look what I found! If you're a fan of the old sonic games, I got something for you. A guy, who calls himself LakeFeperd developed something you could call Sonic the Hedgehog 1.5 and 2.5. These are games in the style of the old megadrive titles with a similar look and feel. You should totally check them out:

He's even making a third sonic game which looks promising in my humble opinion. I played 2.5 so far and can tell, that is how Sonic 4 should've been like!

20th of June 2013 – 09:09
the road ahead
I'm thinking a lot about TBT lately and to which dimensions this series could scale. Of course, I got a certain story in mind, which involves a certain set of characters. I'm not gonna lie: All characters in this series are based on real people I've encountered in my life. So, for the first story arch to develop I got a relatively large amount of people to introduce. I've decided to take my time with that. They all deserve to get their own part in the larger whole. So, before I get to the story I got in my mind for years now, I'll make a few more strips for you to get to know each character. For me this means a lot of storytelling stuff in the background you won't notice until I got a couple of more episodes up. Be assured, that I put a lot of energy into the series and that I want it to be awesome (In my head it already is :) ). Stay T!

13th of June 2013 – 08:47
keyblade excitements
As you might know, I'm pretty engaged in the Kingdom Hearts series lately. Just yesterday I found out that the third part is announced to come for the PS4 (I'm not really glad with that but I'll save that for some other time). Just the fact, that there will be a third part makes me curious about the worlds the players will visit this time. I'm almost certain, that some already known worlds will appear again (like Agrabah and the Olympus Collosseum for the 10th time). The potential new worlds on the other hand leave me wondering what Disney is going to do. With all the licenses they've aquired in the last years and the stuff they did in the past, a lot is possible. Just imagine some of these possibilities:

  • Sora meets the Avengers (Disney owns Marvel)
  • Sora and the Secret of Monkey Island (Disney owns Lucasarts)
  • Sora and the Weekenders
  • Sora meets Wreck-It-Ralph
  • Sora in a bugs life
  • Sora sings with Hannah Montana (OH, please don't!)
  • Sora as a Jedi knight (woooooooooooooh)

Until now there have been slightly different worlds to the, let's say standard disney styled worlds (think of Port Royal and the Tron legacy world). Considering that, e.g a Marvel world doesn't seem that absurd, does it?

07th of June 2013 – 09:31
new stuff
There are a few new episodes up. I lost count of how many episodes I've actually uploaded since the last announcement, so just check out the gallery please!

07th of June 2013 – 09:26
rafactoring doom
So, I've looked over the code and made the decision to scrap the whole thing and redo it from scratch. With all the stuff I've learned in the last months about design patterns and good OOP techniques I simply could'nt bear the old code anymore. At the moment I've set up the basic architecture (including global event dispatching and a facade to name just a few things). I wonder a lot about if I should make a tutorial about the game when I'm done. What do you think (answers to taijj[at]gmx.net)?

07th of June 2013 – 09:19
So, I did the reading about KH and everything is doing more sense now. I must admit this series is catching me again and again and the story they've constructed is really good, but hard to get! I blame it on the cutscenes in the games. Often seemingly random stuff is happening that is not random at all. Maybe I found a potential improvement spot there. Anyway a lot of questions still remain and a lot of stuff seems strange (like the fact that the org XIII is obviously capable of creating full capable human beings) but that doesn't keep me from exploring and enjoying the series.

10th of March 2013 – 12:57
almost 389 days
So, I finished Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days. The game itself is a typical KH game, which is awesome! But if it comes to story I was really disappointed. It starts with characters, that kinda weren't necessary for a good story to develop and then that one scene I was waiting for since I finished KH 1. Well, the scene was there, but the arc of suspense leading up to it was almost not present and the whole scene basically made no sense at all. I'll try to get the whole KH story a bit more but I'm expecting major plot disappointments along the way.

10th of March 2013 – 12:54
For those of you, who wondered where this project was gone: I stopped working on this for a long time now. I managed to find some time once a week to work on it a bit more. Currently I'm redoing a lot of code (the old architecture was really crappy). Will take I while to finish this with all features I want. At least I got a decent code base now.

10th of March 2013 – 12:50
Episodes, episodes, episodes
So, seems like more episodes are flying in on a somewhat like regular base. I can't fix the time span yet, but I can tell you more are in. Keep track of them here.

2nd of March 2013 – 22:02
Done aaaaaand done!
Finally, the next two episodes are up! Check them out!

24th of April 2013 – 17:28
I really finished the episode after the current. For the current I'm still waiting for my voice actors. So I'll upload 2 episodes, when I'm done with the current. I'll just continue making episodes till alle the voice work is done ;).

Someday in April 2013 – 16:12
Product update
The next episode is almost done! My work is almost over, I just have to put some voices into the animation and therefore am waiting now until I got the right ones together. Till that happens I'll continue with the regular series. If I'm really good, I'll upload two new episodes. Expect the new stuff the next days! :)

24th of March 2013 – 16:12
Me reviewing?
Okay, I'm not gonna make a huge review about some videogame. I just want to sum up, what I found good and bad about two games I played recently in one sentence for each game on each side (so 4 in total). Okay here it goes:

Sonic Generations: (+) I liked the recoginition value of basically the entire game. (Sadly, that is all) (-) There is a lot about this game that made it a great disappointment for me. Here are a few examples – The story (SA2 showed that sonic has more potential story wise), the characters felt slow in control, the levels were ridiculously overpacked with meaningless effects, the game was so damn easy (I died multiple times, was slow, and still got a B or higher), classic sonic breaks when he spins on the ground (SRSLY WTF!?), and more…

Rayman Origins: Okay, there isn't much to say here. After the disappointing end of Sonic Generations I just fell in love with this game from the very beginning. Its carefully crafted, super stupid insanity got me and I had to LOL more than once while playing. Sure there could be something to complain about it, but I just love this game. It's awesome!

13th of March 2013 – 18:24
As usual I estimated wrong. It will take longer than the end of march to complete a first version. I got to pixel and “colorize” 115 frames, which are only a third of the frames in my reference video, but still its a shitload of work. I know I've said this a lot, but I'm making progress. Let's see how long it will take.

And I passed my test on UI Design. Next up is a free internet research about Datastructures and Algorithms. So no Book this time.

27th of February 2013 – 07:54
drawbacks, yo
Just as things seem to work pretty well, I got sick and had to stay in bed for a week and a half. I'm back up now and I've already continued the work on the next TBT episode. If I had to estimate the release of a first version (without sound), I'd say it will happen at the end of march. So stay T! (Wow, haven't used that one for a while ;) )

5th of February 2013 – 21:15
Shit just got real
Okay, I'm halfway through with making pre-drawings for the upcoming TBT episode. When I'm thinking about making real drawings out of these and pixel them through my stomach starts to hurt… wait no, that's an ache I got from eating to much gummy bears. Still a shitload of work waits for me for the next weeks. (Bad thing is: I only got half an hour a day to work on this :/)

24th of January 2013 – 19:44
Making progress
So I managed to beat the third test (on Actionscript 3)! It was pretty hard since it's a very thick book, but I proofed myself! Next up is a less technical book about human-computer interaction. You'll find the link below, as usual! I also made some progress concerning the next TBT episode. Small progress, but progress. It'll still take a while because the hard part is still to come and I got one week of vacation up ahead. Anyway: Progress ;) Must appreciate the small things …

The Book

13th of January 2013 – 20:37
Voice actors needed
Today, I've done some mouth animations that should fit to certain spoken text later on if everything goes according to plan. Well plan… I planned a release without voice actors of the next episode and try to find some after release with the finished animation. Let's see how that works. Anyway, if you guys know some dudes, that have a nice voice and the right equipment to record it maybe you can send them to me. Work continues in small steps…

3rd of January 2013 – 18:13
some quick words
Hi, happy new year! Was away, am back now, won't stay home the next weeks, no worries am still working on the TBT episodes, am on a horse!

16th of December 2012 – 18:55
So, I've started the work on the next episode and can tell you this'll become huge. It's another flash and therefore will take a while to get done. But stay with me, that episode is going to come!

9th of December 2012 – 18:56
Last week I was released from my ninja training duties for this month. That means the AS3 book will be tested in January. The cause is a company internal thing. I'm not sure, if I'm allowed to talk about it here. But I'm not fired, the process is just postponed for a month. Anyway. I'm pretty glad I'm free this month.

3rd of December 2012 – 21:44
seems suspicious
Next up in my special ninja training to become a full proven frontend developer is an old friend actually: Essential Actionscript 3. The book I've read a year ago. Well, that seems to become an easy month! Or does it? I don't know! Anyway I can say, that this book is really good for someone going into AS3 (which kinda is a dying language as far as I know). Without the book I would've backed out earlier. I'm pretty curious how this'll turn out…

The Book

28th of November 2012 – 22:23
My little Brony
I have watched my little pony for the first time today and my summary is: Meh! I don't understand the hype so far, but kinda have enjoyed the show. Maybe the magical friendship train will hit me, or maybe a real train will, who knows… (no suicide intentions). Anyway, I'll watch some more episodes and then we'll see.

18th of November 2012 – 14:13
New Episode
Well, that didn't take that long… Actually, I'm positiv about an increase in submission frequency. I found a timespot where I can work on the series every day. So, this episode got finished rather quickly. Next episode will be something huge so maybe I'll need a bit more time for that. Anyway, stay T!

The Episode

8th of November 2012 – 22:28
practical object orientation or something like that
The next book is written in German (boooo!) and describes basic object oriented design, principles, UML and other stuff. It claims to help a university graduate to get into real world practice easier. Well, having the programming experience of a stone I think this is pretty dry theory, which on the first read seems a little confusing and packed with facts. Well, have to keep reading anyway. Next test's coming up for sure (I passed the first one by the way :P).

The Book

5th of October 2012 – 22:02
Design Patterns
Did you ever hear something about a Composite, Iterator, Decorator or Strategy in relation to coding? Yes? Well, I haven't! Those things are called design patterns and as far as I'm concerned those things are pretty neat. They emphasize the thesis “knowing a programming language doesn't mean you can code”. Part one of my hard-mode-learn-for-work-program is to read a book about design patterns:

The book

I already told you about the thing with barely getting a job. I even got a contract now. The consent on the companies part was verbal only at the time I told you about it.

22th of September 2012 – 22:19
Finally a new episode. Making these gets harder every day. And it's going to get harder for the next six months. I got a real job now, even if I'm not ready, yet. So the next six months I have to study in my spare time to keep up with all the knowledge I should've had already. It's going to be tough and unfortunately this comic most likely is going to suffer from that…

New Episode here

1st of September 2012 – 14:18
Entity Systems
Did you ever hear something about Entity Systems? Well, I haven't until last week, when I got the task to program something with a framework using one. I applied for a job at my company since I'm still an intern there. To proof myself I got two tasks and one of them is the thing with the entity system. Well, turns out the topic is pretty neat! Check it out!

15th of August 2012 – 10:25
Clean Code Writing
Since I made some recommendations concerning coding I might as well say something about clean code. If you're about to finish learning a programming language (doesn't matter which one) or if you're a programmer in general you should take a look in a book describing the ways of clean coding. This basically tells the programmer (you) how to finish your code after you made it work in a way, that every other programmer and the future you are able to understand it. In a production team this is very important! (One aspect about this I personally like is “good code should be written in way that even a non programmer gets the idea of what the code is doing”)

So far I know two books about this:
Clean Code by Robert C. Martin

Code Complete by Steve McConell

18th of August 2012 – 22:41
Well, I happened to learn about the Starling framework for Flash… this… this.. THIS IS AWESUM!!!1!1!!1eleven!11!

Today I finished the e-book which describes he basic behavior of it. What I've read really inspired me to use this thing in the future. I recommend to take a look at the Starling framework to anyone, who is into AS3. You can download the framework on it's homepage, get the e-book for free at O'Reillys and then use the shit as you please – even for commercial purpose (!!!).

So far I think I'll use Starling. But who knows… I haven't checked out flixel yet…

5th of June 2012 – 22:11
Non-english programmers rant
I'm working on a little game written in java at the moment and have trouble to get what the methods do. Who the fuck came up with the idea one could simply write code documentations in portugese o_O? SRSLY!? PORTUGESE!? Since portugese is well know as a major programming language and is spoken by most people (irony warning)!

Dear programmers out there: Before you learn codeing: LEARN ENGLISH, at least enough for describeing what your variables, methods and classes are doing!

3rd of June 2012 – 18:18
The theory of growing and dying
I've heard about a concept of Life these days: Everything dies some time. Every living beeing, every system, every concept. There is nothing that is able to grow and continue growing. Nothing grows forever, that's just how our universe works. Look at the plants, at mankind itself. We grow old and in the end our body system collapses and dies. The same rule applies to society systems and economics. They come and go. Our system now is on the edge of collapsing if I'm interpreting right (you know with stuff like occupy, ACTA, greece and the EU. Maybe our highest growing point is near.

I hope that rule of growing and collapsing applies to social games and micro paiment as well and that the whole shit goes down as fast as it spawned from hell. I hate seeing the good old console gaming die :/…

19th of May 2012 – 16:13
Wohoooo more than 2 months since the last post
A lot of time has passed and I still haven't finished anything. The last two TBT episodes are way back and Dodge 'Em still needs a lot of Work. That's not because I'm terribly lazy (that's only half the truth ;) ). In addition I'm getting other project which I am paid for some reason. Up until now they always got something to do with a wedding.

Oh and I got a girlfriend now. She's awesome! Really! Never met such a nice, kind, caring and beautiful girl! I'm happy to spend as much time with her as I can.

Anyway, I'm still working on my other projects and I'm pretty sure they'll get done some time.

One thing: Is there even anyone, who reads this? Please contact me, if so. If there are people interested in what I say, I may be more motivated to deliver new shit sooner ;). Think about it!

18th of March 2012 – 20:38
new episodeS
Two new episodes are up and can be seen in my deviantart gallery.

15th of February 2012 – 23:04
to much to do
Sorry, guys! I'm recently very busy and because of that my activity here is on a long time low. I think that'll stay like that forever… Well just visit this site once a year and you shouldn't miss anything ^^*

29th of January 2012 – 20:45
new episode
The next episode's up! Check it out! (Unfortunately you need a Deviantart account to watch it. :( )

19th of January 2012 – 21:52
the thing with social games
I've spend more time with social games than I wanted. Those freakin' non-games just piss me off. With the games industry discovering the social networks games become more mainstream, which kinda sounds nice. I am on the other hand afraid, that the console AAA, kinda interactive movie, things – i.e. all the things i love about vidoegames – are dying step by step….

2nd of January 2012 – 20:59
Back in business
I'm back from my trip, more awesome then ever. I'm really motivated and in god spirits for this year. I wish you all a year full of awesomeness. Stay T!
(That doesn't mean, that I'll find more time for private projects, so don't be mad if the frequence of my submissions stays low ^^*)

22nd of December 2011 – 16:28
I'm going home
Haven't done much during December and won't until next year. Because I'm going home. Three months of my internship have passed and I'm really looking forward to get together with my old buddies! Oh, how I miss them! Anyway! Have a nice christmas and a happy new year!

14.12 of November 2011 – 21:54
Yeah yuh!
I can't find much time for my projects these days. That's the downside of having a social life. And today I'm really not in the mood for working on something. I think I'll just surf the internetz until I go to bed.

05th of December 2011 – 22:44
Do a barel roll
As promised I present you my current Actionscript3 project. It's a sequel to the little flash game Dodge 'Em a friend created. My Dodge 'Em II will include advanced graphics and more features. Maybe even some powerups. For a start I created some graphics. Next Step will be the Asteroids to dodge.

05th of Decmber 2011 – 13:18
New Episodes
I'm not that proud of those, but the next Episodes are up.
Episode 6
Episode 7

15th of November 2011 – 23:28
Major exhaustion
Oh boy, I'm so tired! The internship stays hard and there's still a lot to learn. While ignoring that I'm working on other projects, if I can spare some time at home. There are three at the same time. You'll get the latest updates, if there is something to tell as usual.
// edit: I had to edit this post three times before it became okay…

12th of November 2011 – 20:15
Soundtrack online
I spent some time searching the original music of the System Gaia Game. If you are in metal and gaming visit this playlist and enjoy!

06th of November 2011 – 13:18
New Episode
The next Epidose for The Box Theory is up.

01st of November 2011 – 12:31
A day off
Today I'll spent my time with projects I haven't looked into for a longer time. Maybe a little bit System Gaia, or the next episode of The Box Theory or even try my new earned AS3 skills to make a sequel to a simple game a friend of mine made in school. Or maybe I'll end up playing online games with my bro. Whatever this day will bring…

25th of October 2011 – 21:28
I need more Rage
Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong job. But then my superior seems to have great faith in me. He's okay with the way I learn. Well anyway, I need more energy to hold up my current motivation. I feel it slowly fadeing away… Maybe I shouldn't stay at work longer than I have to, like I did the last weeks :/

20th of October 2011 – 20:53
A thought
What if every atom in the universe represents another universe? Meaning: Evey living creature and every object is made of billions of universes and worlds. If someone invents a world and a story, he doesn't invent it. He just finds it among the many atoms of his Body/Brain. That would mean there are many many more worlds out there to discover and by nuclear fission we destroy worlds just to gain power for our own. Let's hope we're never used in a power plant…

14th of October 2011 – 22:11
Learning even more
Today I had to take a look at HTML and XHTML. It's pretty awesome how I learned more about games developement in these two weeks of my internshipo than I learned in two months of school the last three years. I'm really fixing myself to the whole codeing stuff.

On the other Hand I really miss working on graphics. There isn't much time left for my stories and comics I still want to make. But nevertheless I'll keep them in mInd and will continue the work as soon as I'm able to.

8th of October 2011 – 14:23
The first Weekend
I made it through the first week! I'm a bit exhausted. Could need some time until I Got used to mynew life here in munich. For now I enjoy my free weekend. I may even start drawing a new comic for TBT. Now, that I focusmy work on codeing I really notice a missing in the drawing stuff. I remember clearly how I enjoyed drawing comics. Well, I hope I'll get time for them again in the future…

6th of October 2011 – 23:41
Phew indeed
Spend the last days reading textes to keep up with the knowledge I should have. It really sucks to feel like you never got the right education…

04th of October 2011 – 22:38
The first day as an intern has pased by and I'm exhausted as hell. I was the last one of my departmenet, who went home after I learned about some company stuff I may not be allowed to tell you. But the people there are very nice and seem awesome. I even found a new Pen and Paper group. II may woun't have time for that the next 6 months, but good to have one. That as well goes for the announcements I made so carelessly about website changes and webcomics in earlier posts…

01st of October 2011 – 10:17
I finally moved to munich! Without any furniture I'm lying on a matress and looking on my computer screen which stands ond the ground right at the top of my “bed”. Life is really simple at the moment. On Tuesday I'll start my internship. FINALLY!

06th of August 2011 – 22:07
Finally a starting point
Beneath the whole AS3 learning I started with doing some comics for The Box Theory. I'll submit some on my Deviantart account from time to time. (Unfortunately you have to sign up there to watch all strips cause of strong language warnings) Finally the story got a starting point.

06th of August 2011 – 22:07
Moveing and redoing
Three weeks left until my internship starts and still no apartement to live in. Learning Actionscript continues and so do thoughts of redoing this homepage. Now, that I found my way in codeing this homepage isn't really appropriate anymore.

06th of August 2011 – 22:07
Okay, I moved back to my brother just to have a place to stay until my internship starts in munich. The company I applied assigned me a task before they decided to hire me. This is what I had to do. They tested my codeing and decided, that it was okay. So I'll start next month. Until there there is a lot of other stuff to do, which has nothing to do with creative work at all. More with the urge to life and a lot of paperwork…

19th of July 2011 – 11:14
I think I have to inform you, that you won't hear much from me the next time. I'm occupied with applications and apartment searching. School has ended and so a new part of life begins. I'll write news if I managed that. Until then fellas stay T!

14th of July 2011 – 18:58
If anyone wonders what happened the last days to this site: The site successfully moved to a different server. Currently I do some After Effects and I wait for my apprenticeship to end. My class only has to meet again on Saturday to get our certificate. I'll have a hard time working on the missing Box Theory Episodes without the Hardware of my school. My Home PC is about 6 years old…

25th of July 2011 – 20:41
I'M DONE! At least for school! Now, the thing is missing it's cutscenes and the episodes up to the game itself and until I'm finished with that I'll hold the Upload a while longer ;). Taking some time out for the next days and continue on doing The Box Theory Comics afterwards.

2nd of July 2011 – 12:33
All game graphics are finished now. All I have to do is put them together in flash and finish the level and sounds. After that I may have time for a short intro sequence. Furthermore I need a Title screen and a Game Over screen. But these are fast to make. The whole thing has to be done until Friday next week. Stay-T for it's release guys ^^

25st of June 2011 – 20:28
Today i finished playing Beyond good and Evil. I'm not a fan of long texts and detail feedbacks I just want sum up what I think of the game. First of all it's fantastic. I loved the setting, the characters, the gameplay, especially the Hovercraft worldmap if I'm allowed to say that and your buddy Pey'j. The length of the game on the other hand was to short. There could've been done more. Much more! It ended to fast in my eyes. I really hated (yes HATED in every essence of it's existence) was that fucking minigame in that bar. Man that thing totally pissed me off(sorry for the language). Nevertheless it was a great game I will play again.

21st of June 2011 – 08:32
Oh, little Nia is so adorable! After spending one day hideing wherever she could she finally got used to the new place. Now she's playing and fuzzing everywhere :). She actually is the reason why I'm up that early today. You can't sleep well with a playing cat next to yourself. Man, I haven't been up that early for a long time. I'm even the first in school today o_O…

That on the other hand gives me a lot of time to work on my game. Thank you Nia!

I'm planning on opening a new section on this site. After The Box Theory epsidoe X is done and I start to work on the main storyline new episodes will fly in from time to time. Maybe I even start a new LoSG series. Maybe that includes that music video I mentioned earlier.

Stay T guys (haven't said that for a long time).

17th of June 2011 – 16:14
I can't believe it I'm actually getting a cat. Her full name will be Titania Katz Burger, Nia for short. She comes on Sunday and will probably mess up my life big time. Otherwise there are no news around the T-Net so far. Work on the Box Theory goes on, waiting for application answers continues and the summer is wet and warm like always here.
I'm getiing a lot of ideas for future projects lately. One example would be a LoSG music video. That reminds me I still have to do these videos for my bros birthday last year. Don't know how I'll get these done with the mess of a PC I have at home. Did I mention that? My PC is a mess. Don't know what the problem is but I think the graphics card overheats.

Well, well: Work, work, work…

13th of June 2011 – 17:00
Wow “Tales of Ithiria” got the daily 3rd award on Newgrounds. That's more I ever imagined!

13th of June 2011 – 14:59
I had to learn, that the game didn't work as I thought. I changed a few settings in it and updated the earlier post. It still doesn't work like i wish. It turns out kind of strange when you scale it in the browser.

07th of June 2011 – 16:03
All animations are done and I allready put them into the game. In addition I did some fine tuneing for the scrolling and checkpoints. Enjoy! This will be the last visual update on this one. I have to make the level graphics now and will show you the end result in a few weeks in the portfolio section.

(Controls: Arrow keys to move, a key to jump, d key to attack)

30th of May 2011 – 18:40
I've updated the sites main animation. There are 3 different animations now. You can watch them by clicking on the character on the bottom left here on this page. So 3 done just three million more to go…

30th of May 2011 – 18:37
For today this will be all. It's just the attack animation if the Hero is ducked.

27th of May 2011 – 15:46
Man, I laughed my ass of as i followed this link a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I was a huge fan of the Robot Unicorn hype and was seriously amused by this one.

27th of May 2011 – 15:26
MOAR animations!

24th of May 2011 – 14:14
Soooooo, frst things to do for all the game graphics is to redo some of Theos animations. This is the first one. The older run animation looked rather shitty. This one isn't perfect either but still better than the last one.

20th of May 2011 – 15:19
The largest Part of the script is done I guess. Now I have to spent my time fixing bugs and doing the graphics. There are some things wrong with the Checkpoints and the wallcolliding has some flaws too. Here is the first idea of level one. The brakeable walls as well as the checkpoints won't come back in the final version. But for now they do and cause some bugs. I'll fix that if testing is over…

Controls: Arrow keys to move and look up or down. A button to jump. S button to perform a “special move” and d button to attack.
(You can now attack while pressing up or down too.)

19th of May 2011 – 12:05
Here you see the latest Update on “The Box Theory”. As you can see I took a step backwards in the games graphics and tryed to get the code done. This is the final concept of the games mechanics. I'm going to build a real Level now.

Controls: Arrow keys to move and look up or down. A button to jump. S button to perform a “special move” and d button to attack.
(You can now attack while pressing up or down too.)

16th of May 2011 – 22:12 – Nightshift
So, I'm in the middle of the nightshift here at school. We are working and doing silly stuff. I'm still stucked at the moving platforms though. Don't know how to get them worked. If they move horizontally everything works fine but moving vertically just is a pain in my ass not to mention both at the same time. I'll just have to go on trying. Maybe I'll just have to try something more radical. Well night's still young ^^ …

13th of May 2011 – 20:21
So, mind calmed down a little bit. I got my confidence back. I'll try finishing the gameplay the next week and will stop inventing new features. I have to get finished with this shit. But not today ^^* and maybe not tomorrow. This weekend I have to clean my appartement. It's a must do. Really! I will be back on at least on monday with the latest update on The Box Theory. Until then have a nice wekend!

11th of May 2011 – 16:27
Man, I'm so done! I tried to clean up my code for The Box Theory and screwed up. Not even the wallcollideing works how it should now. Tried to add moving platforms to add a bit more gameplay to the whole thing. I failed bigtime! Just at the moment I though of almost having it everything went down. I'm so tired of typeing code, which in the end makes it all worse. I'm done for today!

06th of May 2011 – 11:30
Has been a while since my last post. I've been a little busy this time with the 3 Projects on the run and all the job applications plus the other stuff I do with my friends. Oh man, today I received an answer from one of the companies I sent an apllication mail to. Unfortunately the company wasn't the one I adressed in the mail. I sent the right mail to the wrong company. Man that was embarassing…

26th of April 2011 – 14:17
I did absolutely nothing over the Eastern weekend. Nothing at all! So I started today with the level graphics for The Box Theory Episode 2. In the following days I will show you how it came out so stay T!

21th of April 2011 – 14:53
So todays Updated Version. Find out for yourself what is new! ;) I have to get out of school before the janitor kicks me in the balls! >,<

20th of April 2011 – 14:45
Another day done! I managed to add attacking (Press Space). Also I added something like a lifebar and zones, which don't kill you the first time you touch them (orange). Last but not least: scrolling! A good rate for one day I think ^^ (By the way: The things I upload here are half scaled. The scaling produces some bugs.) So the next days I'll add different animations according to the heros action. Stay T!

19th of April 2011 – 20:43
I've added a new circle to the Page main animation. Click on the figure at the lower left after each animation to watch it.

19th of April 2011 – 10:50
So far for The Box Theory! I made some sprites for the game and fixed most of the problems the last version had. In addition i added “cloud” platfforms and smoothed the stair movements. Yeah, and you can die now. Use the arrow Keys to move arround!

15th of April 2011 – 21:03
I'm done with all the writeing for the moment. Now I can concentrate in my pixelworks. Maybe I'll add another animation to the little guy on this Page on the bottom left.

06th of April 2011 – 10:33
Okay, today I'll write my essay about Pixelart. I'm going to write, write, write… Hope I'll be finished by the end of the week.

02nd of April 2011 – 16:56
Ahhhhh… spring finally arrived at northern Germany. Don't feel like doing important stuff for this weekend. I'll just be lazy and enjoy the sun….

01st of April 2011 – 19:45
I finally got something to show for my new project “The Box Theory”. First of all check out the first episode here. For the second episode I planned a little plattform game for which I had to learn some Actionscript 3 as mentioned earlier. (I let go that tile based tutorial and tried something on my own) What I got so far:

(Use arrow keys to move and jump)

I managed to make a proper collision system. I am now able to check of which kind the thing is the hero collides with. It's still a bit buggy and the right graphics are still out of place so I need to work on!

27th of March 2011 – 12:06
Spent the last 12 hours in bed just because I was lazy. Well, weekend's full of my part time job but that's okay because I think I managed a way to get my game working. There are some minor problems now, but I'm pretty sure I can deal with them. Stay T!

22th of March 2011 – 21:56
“The real trouble with reality is that there's no background music.” I just stumbled upon this little quote. It made me go: “Oooooh yeah!”

21th of March 2011 – 14:53
Man, what a weekend! Had a really hard time. And today i can't get myself to work. I hope this phase will end soon.

18th of March 2011 – 08:57
A new morning and still a bunch of work to do. Pretty hard to learn Actionscript 3 from scratch and even harder if the only tutorial you found makes you more and more confused. Could need some time until I understand the topic.

17th of March 2011 – 18:16
The guestbook is fixed now! Thanks to my brother the site is now fully functional. Or so I guess! Thank you big brother ^^! All you guys can start spaming now ^^! For doing so visit the guestbook!

17th of March 2011 – 17:06
There are some problems with the guestbook! I hope we'll get it fixed soon. Until then: Stay T!

17th of March 2011 – 16:27
Welcome to the T-Net! The Site is finally on! From now on you'll find all kinds of new stuff here. I will show you all my thougts and inner fears. For a good start I recommend to visit the Portfolio Section to see my current projects. Stay-T!